Gwenne, the glimpse of Antoinette Reed, is the beautiful warrioress of Alleble. Living in the palace itself, Gwenne is a favorite of all. She is golden-haired, blue-eyed, extremely agile with the sword, and is lovely 'all round'. She owns a dragon named Gabby, and a sword called Thil Galel, the Daughter of Light, as said in the Olde Language.


Early LifeEdit

Gwenne's parent were killed when she was five years of age. Living in Acacia at the time, she was heartbroken. She moved to Alleble, got to know the King, and became one of His followers.

The Door WithinEdit

Gwenne, a swordmaiden on the trip to Mithegard, became friends with Aidan. She played a key part in The Door Within.

The Rise of the Wyrm LordEdit

The Final StormEdit

She meets Adian at the pool at his hotel, she explains what The Thread is.

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